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About Kredo Group


Kredo Group is a team of like mind professionals loyal to own principals and corporate culture. At every stage of purposes achievement we believe in our business and ourselves, understand, trust and support each other, highly appreciating personality. We are a team. Company’s values are our values. Never be ready to rest is our main principle. We always strive for perfection.

In January 2015 Kredo Group celebrated the 10th anniversary.

The Company is still young however achievements over these years are impressive not only for the Group’s employees, but also for all specialists in the furniture market. Step by step the Company conquered the market under the condition of keen competition, gradually increasing the turnover, expanding the regional coverage, enlarging the stock and upgrading the production. As the result Kredo Group gained a foothold in the furniture market and established a reputation as a reliable partner and an innovator. There are still new horizons in front, and we are confident that in the future Kredo Group will be even more efficient.

Brief information about the Company:

Founded in 2005

Business line

  • Wholesale and retail of constituent parts and materials for furniture production and interior design.

  • Customized furniture details manufacturing

Staff size is over 200 employees.

Kredo Trade Network

Moscow branch: the Moscow Region, Reutov, 6A Transportnaya st.

Saint Petersburg branch: Saint Petersburg, 3 Devyatogo Yanvarya st.

Orel branch: Orel,11 Novosilskii prt.

Krasnodar Branch: Yablonovsky village (2 km away Krasnodar), 3 Technoparkovaya st.

Kazan branch: Kazan, 14 Gassara st.

N. Novgorod branch: N. Novgorod, 1 Barrikad st.